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  • Hiking Broga Hill: A Stunning Sunrise Hike with Breathtaking Views

    If you’re looking for an amazing sunrise hike with stunning views, look no further than Broga Hill. Also known as ‘Bukit Lalang – named after local grass species, this popular hiking spot is located near Broga Town and is known for its panoramic views of the plains. You can see a mixture of oil palm […]

  • Ulu Muda, Kedah

    Ulu Muda is the last great piece of rainforest in the northern state of Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia, located in the north eastern side and straddling the Thai border. This important forest reserve which spans 120,000 hectares, serves as a water catchment area for a major part of Kedah. Three great lakes are located in Ulu […]

  • Elegant Bronzeback

    Common Name: Elegant Bronzeback Scientific Name: Dendrelaphis formosus Size : up to 1.7 m Native Region: Southeast Asia The elegant bronzeback is a beautiful snake that possesses an iridescent lateral turquoise colouration that permeates the ventrolateral and ventral area. The back is brown and highly keeled with intermittent green dashes along the sides. The eyes […]

  • Twin Barred Tree Snake

    Common Name: Twin Barred Tree Snake Scientific Name: Chrysopelea pelias Length: 50-60 cm The twin-barred tree snake is the smallest and rarest of the flying snakes in Southeast Asia. It occurs sympatrically with the paradise tree snake in Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo and Indonesia but is far less common. This colourful flying snake species is defined […]